Wednesday, 8 August 2012

i Browz Beauty Academy Make up Course

A few weeks ago myself and a couple of friends bought a deal off of Wowcher for a 3 hour make up course, and I thought I would share with you my experience. The course was run by i Browz Beauty Academy who run a number of make up and hair courses near Putney Bridge, London.

When I arrived I was slightly nervous as the address was a shabby office block with what looked like a lot of empty rooms. There was me wandering if we had been ripped off and there was no 'make up course' when we walked in to be greeted by a well presented room stocked with mac make up. My opinion swiftly changed and I was happy from the get go!

The course started with us being told how to tell if we have yellow or pink undertones to our skin and what colours would suit each of us. Due to there being only six of us in the class the tutor was able to  answer any questions we had and was very attentive.

We went over our beauty regime for the morning and evening in which the tutor was extremely happy (and shocked) to hear I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day, apparently not many people do. Brownie points to me :) Always make sure you are cleansing and toning upwards girlies.. we don't want to speed up the ageing process!

Step by step we went through the process of applying make up, talking about whether concealer should go before and after foundation and also the usefulness of translucent powder. When talking about blusher application we went over face shapes in which I was told I have a square face with deep set eyes (how attractive does that sounds, naaatt!) and that to make my face seem thinner I should apply it up my cheek bones and not on the apples of my cheeks. Vice versa if you have a slimmer face and would like to make it look a little fuller.

Another point that was made when going over eye liner application is that if you are using gel/wet eyeliner you should not pull your eyelids as it will crack, so novices like myself should stick to pencil eyeliners. I have watched so many beauty gurus applying make up on YouTube and am forever amazed at how they can all apply eye liner above their eye lashes without holding their eye lid.. I am forever shaking and would make so much mess if I don't hold on.
Alot of the course I felt I knew, such as in what order to apply everything and lots of tips and tricks to help with application. One thing I was happy to find out is about Bourjois foundations. I am big lover of Chanel Vitulemiere but not so much of the price tag, so I was EXTREMELY happy to hear that Bourjois and Chanel are created at the same factory therefore leading to the processes and products to be very similar. It is now my goal to start trying some Bourjois foundations so I can find my new go to!!

For the course I paid £34.99 through Wowcher and the original RRP is apparently £150. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the complimentary brushes we received but I do not think it would of been worth £150. I do recommend these courses especially as something to do with your girl friends as we had a lot of fun, but I do suggest that you keep a look out on deal websites such as Wowcher and Groupon so you can get the best deal for your money :)

Have you had a good/bad experience with any of the deal websites? Also have you been on a make up course? I would love to hear about it as I am considering taking a more advanced course.

Much loves, El x