Monday, 23 May 2011

Come on and do the conga

The title of the post has no relevancy, I just seem to have the song stuck in my head and have done for the past 30 minutes. This is just going to be a post full of waffle, as that pretty much sums up my day today.

Today has been filled with CV writing, paying off old bills, and job hunting. Boring eh!?

I absolutely hate CV writing, I think its because I hate writing about myself. I feel like I am just bigging (a word?) myself up and the employer will read it thinking 'hmmm you think very highly of yourself'. I also never know whether to put some of my previous jobs on my CV, does an employer searching for a web-designer really need to know I worked at Starbucks!? I realise I can pull skills from this job and say how they will help in my new position, it just seems odd.

Have also been paying off bills for a flat I moved out of over a month ago. When I moved home, I thought I would have enough money to keep me going till I settle in a new job. I forgot British Gas like to come up with a sneaky bill once you have paid your 'Last bill'.

Anyway ramble over. I am very much looking forward to getting a new job, getting some money together and having happier things to ramble about. I am a very happy person, this post doesn't make it look that way does it. You will just have to take my word for it :)

Love to you all

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pretty ting a ling

I received a pretty little parcel in the post this morning, silly me had forgotten I had ordered it so it was a lovely surprise.

I saw on other peoples blog posts that Love Suzie was closing down so I thought I would go have a nose at  the jewellery. Its such a shame they are closing, they have some lovely stuff, I could quite easily of bought it all if it wasn't for the lack of a job at the momento.

In the end I settled for a scrabble ring and the necklace named 'Ellie', it had to be done. The package was so cute and wrapped up so well I didn't want to open at first. There was also a business card enclosed with a personal note written on the back. Personal touches like that are a seller to me, I love them. Very happy with both items, currently rocking the ring :)

Anybody know of any more jewellery shops alike to Love Suzie!? I love having a browse and a cheeky purchase.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

RAK Lovelies x

As most of you will have probably read on the other girls blog posts, the lovely Kelly over at Bakes, Beauty and Blog came up with the idea of RAK. Over to Kelly -

"I know how much we all like getting our parcels of goodies from the postman and I know some are currently going though spending ban and p10p so I thought I would try and start a Random Act of Kindness group.  I have done this before and it worked really well.  

So the idea is we form a group I'm thinking about 5 to start off with and then we can build it up if we get more interest."

RAK stands for Random Act of Kindness and the idea was to send a parcel to each person with the limit of £2. When I read Kelly's post, I commented straight away as I thought it was such a lovely thing to be a part of. £2 isn't a great amount of money these days but everyone did so well and we all got some lovely goodies out of it :) and some lovely notes.

The first of my RAK gifts came from Dee over at Confessions of a Makeupaholic. The parcel contained a beautiful charm bracelet and two charms, also some sweeties :) She did extremely well with the budget and I absolutely love the charms, they are so cute.

The second parcel I received was from Leanne over at A Slice of my life. Leanne had sent me a nail varnish from Technic in Strawberries and Cream, a bracelet and an aero lamb (YUM) , I have yet to try the nail varnish but have worn the bracelet.. its so pretty. She also included a Welsh cake which I thought was really thoughtful and I had never tried one before.. they are yummy :) 

My third parcel was from Kelly over at Bakes, Beauty & Blog who had organised RAK :) Kelly had sent an eye liner in Gold Nugget and an eye shadow in Shade 4 from MUA, and also a Malteasers bunny (YUM). I am excited to try the eye shadow and eye liner as its MUA and I have yet to try any of their stuff. 

My fourth was from Rachel from Band of Blushers.  Rachel had sent me a lovely Sparkle Eye Dust in Karat Rose from NYC from . I have yet to try it but will be doing very soon. I love the pot it comes in with a little brush built in the lid, very cute. 

I am afraid the sweets and chocolates have not been included in the photos as these parcels arrived around the same time lent had finished, in which I had given up sweets and chocolate. So they were devoured pretty much as soon as the parcels had been opened, they were very well received :)

As I had mentioned in the post before this I have been having a very tough time so this RAK was the perfect pick me up. It really cheered me up, seeing that people I haven't met before can be so generous and thoughtful. A big thank you to the girls for my lovely goodies, they cheered me up in a big way and I hope you all liked your gifts. Just goes to show you don't have to spend loads to make someone feel good :)

My Random Act of Kindness
Dont forget to check the lovely ladies out over on twitter or their blogs :)

Lots of love..

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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Remember me!?

Yet again I have been absent for awhile :( Sorry for being rubbish.

We sadly lost my Nana two weeks ago, she had been battling with Alzehemirs for two years so its been a tough time. It has left me very lost and distant so have stayed away from blogging, twitter and facebook.  Her funeral was shortly after and I moved from Nottingham to Oxfordshire somewhere inbetween so have been all over the place.

To get a way for a bit my family and I went to Devon the weekend just gone which has helped my head a lot.. apart from developing hay-fever which I have never had before. So as you can see I have had a few distractions, but I am back... hello :)

The weekend in Devon was amazeballs. It was some much needed time away for my family that did us all the world of good. The weekend consisted of strolls on the beaches, frisbee with the pooch, skimming stones in the sea, ice-cream, visiting a donkey sanctuary, eating yummy food and drinking cider in country pubs...   Bliss.

This did mean I missed the royal wedding which I was slightly miffed about at the time, but we accidentally ran into a street party which definitely cheered me up. I look forward to watching the wedding now I am home.

I apologise for the photo heavy post...

3 week old Donkey  |  Beautiful flowers in the cottages garden  |  The cottage we stayed in and its beautiful garden avec pond  |  Someone fell in the pond  |  Some stones  |  Street party for the Royal Wedding

Hope you are all well, I look forward to getting back into the flow of things and catching up with everyone

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