Friday, 25 March 2011

Finally Friday

This has been such a longggggg week and I am so happy its late afternoon on a Friday, my favourite time of the week.

Just had a message through that I won a giveaway, this never happens, so this has brightened up my day. Very excited to get the goodies from the giveaway, check out Dee's blog. Lovely little blog :) and she has another give away coming up soon so go follow.

I had 3 parcels arrive this morning, all sat by my door when I got back from work...I love getting post. I think people should go back to writing to each other, seems much more thoughtful and precious coming through the post rather than email..anyway.. The first was my order from Elf that I ordered yesterday afternoon, now thats quick delivery!! (Sorry about the rubbish image quality, have managed to pack my camera wire so they are off my phone)

The second was some shoes :) I persuaded myself into buying these. See, I dont have any smart black shoes so needed some new ones....honest :D My other three pairs just wont do obviously. They are so pretty, I am now thinking of when I can go out next so I can wear them.

The third was my order from ASOS, I used one of my £9 for £20 vouchers and got some St Tropez Mousse and Models Own nail pen and polish. Still have another voucher to use but undecided on what to use it on, any suggestions!?
Thought I would share a project with you that I have come across. Its a project by Stina Jones (check her out on Twitter) who created a new doodle every day for a year. This was done to raise funds for the charity Shelter, through art sales and donations. I love ALL of the doodles, and will be getting some off her website by the end of the weekend.
Doodle 096

Check out the website where you can buy them from, they are only £1.50 and it goes straight to charity so definitely take a look for some lovely wall art :) They'd also make cute little gifts . You can catch her blog here, what an amazing project.
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Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday Madness

Hey hey :)

Have just realised its been a week since I last posted, time flies!!

Had a pretty hectic week. My flat mate and I have been asked to move out of our flat as the landlord now wants to rent to just students so we have a month to get out :-/ We have wanted to move down South for quite a while so this was the kick up the bum that we needed.... Even so, its stills a bit daunting. I have handed my notice in at work, the first step to the big move and it wasn't the easiest thing I have ever done. I kept putting it off as, even though I don't like to admit it, I care what people think and don't like upsetting/annoying people. Once it was done though, it felt like a HUGE weight off my mind.

Now I can start flat/job hunting and making all these ideas I have in my head a reality :) I will also be closer to family and friends back in Oxfordshire so can see everyone much more.

Moving also equals packing...again!! I have been living in Nottingham for 5 years, including my three years at uni, and have lived in 6 different houses/flats. That's a lot of packing and unpacking. I can't wait to live somewhere for longer than 10 months... will be a new record.

Have had a pretty laid back weekend. Night in on Friday with a curry and Comic Relief :) and then it was a bit of shopping and chilling for the rest of the weekend. Went out for a few drinks on Saturday night and watched the film Hall Pass, which I am still not to sure on. Owen Wilson as a dad!?! I am used to seeing him playing a 'lad'. Must be a sad day when an actor realises he is past playing that sort of character and has to grow up.

I will be doing a bit of freelance work whilst sorting London out so need to sort my website out, its currently looking very sad and drab. Will also be getting new business cards etc, lots to keep me occupied.

Check out the site Pinterest, I have found it very inspiring. You can pin images you find anywhere on the internet and it will keep them in collections for you. Perfect for inspiration. You are also able to follow other people to see what they have found, and maybe even 'Repin'. When I first joined it was invite only, if it still is, let me know and I will send an invite :) My Pin Boards

Happy Monday

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Chilly Tuesday

Was in such a good mood all of yesterday as the sun was out, even went as far as not needing a coat!! For me thats pretty incredible as I tend to always be cold. Today has taken a turn for the worse :(

Since buying a car I have been driving to work, which is incredibly lazy due to it only taking 5/10 minutes.. My argument, it was dark over the winter when I finished and I have to walk through a bit of a creepy area. I vowed that from today I would start walking again as it is still light at half 5, this hasn't happened. Woke up early to allow time to walk, looked out of the window and I could barely see the house opposite for the fog... Into the car I got.

I work in quite an old building, so when the sun isn't out, its freezzzzingggg as the big stone walls don't seem to like warmth :(

Had a pretty bland but chilled weekend. Got quite a lot of spare time so was able to make a bit of a dent in the book clubs new book Sister by Rosamund Lupton. I was a late comer in Gems book club so missed the first book, but very glad that I was able to join in time for the second. I can't put it down. The chapters are quite long and I like to read a chapter at a time, so when I have read one chapter I am really into it and want to go for another.

Went back to visit my family this weekend and to help my dad set up his new office. He has recently got a job as the European director for a Japanese company, so good times. Two of his bosses flew into England yesterday for a few days to see how he is getting on etc. Hearing about the devastation Japan are experiencing first hand is so upsetting and makes it really hit home. Looking through images of the destruction they have encountered, they are so strong to keep their heads up, they have all been through an incredible ordeal, but are so gracious and strong about it, definitely inspiring. My heart go out to everyone in Japan and hope the nuclear leaks are sorted very soon.

Lots of love

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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Hello therreeee :) Can't believe its the end of the weekend already, but what a weekend its been!!!


It all started with a lovely evening out with the boy and some friends on Friday. This began at Nandos, which you will come to learn is my favourite eatery :) There are three Nandos in Nottingham and I try to alternate to hide how many times I actually go, but all of the staff recognise me... bad sign?  We then went on to see the film 'Paul' with which we made a serious mistake in regards to timing. Due to the film being out for a few weeks we thought it would be safe to go into the film a few minutes late, to allow for trailers, wrong move!! We were sat two rows from the front, so no surprise that we all left the cinema with bad necks and sore eyes...but good film :)


First thing Saturday we drove to the Nottingham Belfry hotel for a spa weekend (my belated birthday pressie from the boy :D ). We had our treatments as soon as we arrived, a facial and back/neck massage... A MMMAAAAAZZZZINGGG!!! The lady used so many different products on my face that left it feeling so soft and fresh that I enquired about prices, at £58+ an item I decided to have a think about it.

I could definitely get used to spa treatments, I didn't want it to end! We then had lunch at the hotel which was home-made mushroom soup and then chicken wraps...scrummy!! Was a litte shocked to see it was two courses (three if you paid a little extra) but I managed to fit it all in. It was then around 2 o'clock so we were allowed to check into our room, or shall I say suite. With our very own living room, four poster bed, TV in the bathroom and two sinks... I could of lived there!

Cracked open the wine and had a glass whilst watching a bit of TV and then it was off to the Spa. The spa had a gym, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and swimming pool. After spending a couple of hours in the spa it was back to the suite to get ready for our evening meal (also managed to fit in a glass of wine whilst watching American Idol :) ) Is it me or can everyone on that programme sing better than anyone we have had on XFactor?!?

Dinner was immense, it tasted so good and the presentation was perfect!! I again had home-made soup to start, this time of the tomato variety. For my main I had Cajun chicken with salsa, sour cream, rocket and new potatoes... served on a slate, but still tasted awesome. Desert was treacle tart with fresh fruit but check out Jody's desert.. 'Egg and soldiers' - Pana cotta and shortbread fingers. They even had lion stamps on the eggs to make them look realistic... very odd but very cool.

I soooo did not want to leave the hotel this morning :( But as of 11 it was indeed back to reality.

Got home, had my car washed and now its One Tree Hill, a few glasses of wine and Revels :)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend

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Friday, 4 March 2011

Finally Friday

Well this week has taken its time, but its finally Friday and I have finally started shifting this nasty cold. I have had it a week and its only just started lifting today, must of been after my dose of celebrity juice :p Oh how I love it.

I am so excited for this weekend. Tonight I am going out for food with some friends and to see the film 'Paul' which I am uber excited about.....I have heard good things. Tomorrow I am off to the Nottingham Belfry Spa :D its a belated birthday present and I CAN'T WAIT. The website looks so lovely :) Have to wake up tomorrow extra early as I have seen the Soap & Glory boxes are back in at Boots, so need to grab one before I spa it up... just don't know which one to go for :s

Popped to Primark last weekend and grabbed a few things, I never seem to do very well when it comes to Primark. When reading other blogs, some of you find some gorge stuff and my eyes seem to miss it when I go, but.... FINALLY I found some goodies :)

Oh and also big BIG rave for a new face wash I have just bought. I struggle to find a goodun when it comes to face wash but this one is amaze..

St Ives Apricot Scrub

...The smell is addictive and you feel so refreshed after using. It is an exfoliating face wash and you can really feel it work :) Definitely recommend.

Lots of loves

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