Monday, 1 August 2011


Hi there, I am writing this whilst attempting to shelter from the heat. We constantly moan how rubbish the weather is here and then on the off chance that it is BOILING, like today, we moan. Such is life.

Today, I bring you my favourite movie. I couldn't narrow this down completely but I have three for you.

My first fave is Grease. One summer, years ago, I spent every day of the summer holidays watching the film all the way through with one of my best friends and we would re-enact it. EVERY DAY.

Film numero duo is Sleeping Beauty. Back in the day when I was little, I used to think I was Sleeping Beauty, so much so that you had to call me Aurora and I would walk round with one of those hooded towels on my head, pretending it was my long blonde locks. You can say it, I was/am strange!!

Third fave is Big Daddy. I love ALL of Adam Sandler's films, but Big Daddy is definitely my favourite. I cry without fail every time 'Frankenstein' is taken away, yet I still find it the perfect film to pick me up when I am feeling low. Hip hop hip hop-anoimous.

Talking of films, I have seen two extremely funny films in the past month. If you haven't checked out Bridesmaids or Horrible Bosses yet, then do, they had me in tears.

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