Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I didn't see any of the Glastonbury footage over the weekend, but when I had a quick peek on Twitter on Sunday night I realised I had definitely missed out. There were endless mentions of how awesome Beyonce was looking, how inspiring and emotional her performance was, and I came to realise I needed to see.

I went onto iPlayer on Monday and OMG she is one awesome lady... definite girl crush. It pushed me to download her new album and now I have it on continuous repeat in the house AND the car... this song in particular.

Gotta be love <3

I think I love it even more because the words relate to a situation I have been in, quite an emotional little number.

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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

P P P Pick Me Up . 2

Hey there my lovelies,

I have become absolutely awful at blogging. The whole unemployed lifestyle has made me so so lazy its untrue.

But, I will get better.. New job on the horizon (fingers crossed please :D) and to get me motivated and back into the swing of things, I will post my second photo full 'Pick me up' post.

So .. stuff I love..

006). The love of my life... Nandos
007). Moustache .. stuffs!?
008). Road trips
009). The smell of a BBQ
010). Attempting name writing with sparklers

(Some photos from

Love to you all xx
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