Wednesday, 8 August 2012

i Browz Beauty Academy Make up Course

A few weeks ago myself and a couple of friends bought a deal off of Wowcher for a 3 hour make up course, and I thought I would share with you my experience. The course was run by i Browz Beauty Academy who run a number of make up and hair courses near Putney Bridge, London.

When I arrived I was slightly nervous as the address was a shabby office block with what looked like a lot of empty rooms. There was me wandering if we had been ripped off and there was no 'make up course' when we walked in to be greeted by a well presented room stocked with mac make up. My opinion swiftly changed and I was happy from the get go!

The course started with us being told how to tell if we have yellow or pink undertones to our skin and what colours would suit each of us. Due to there being only six of us in the class the tutor was able to  answer any questions we had and was very attentive.

We went over our beauty regime for the morning and evening in which the tutor was extremely happy (and shocked) to hear I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day, apparently not many people do. Brownie points to me :) Always make sure you are cleansing and toning upwards girlies.. we don't want to speed up the ageing process!

Step by step we went through the process of applying make up, talking about whether concealer should go before and after foundation and also the usefulness of translucent powder. When talking about blusher application we went over face shapes in which I was told I have a square face with deep set eyes (how attractive does that sounds, naaatt!) and that to make my face seem thinner I should apply it up my cheek bones and not on the apples of my cheeks. Vice versa if you have a slimmer face and would like to make it look a little fuller.

Another point that was made when going over eye liner application is that if you are using gel/wet eyeliner you should not pull your eyelids as it will crack, so novices like myself should stick to pencil eyeliners. I have watched so many beauty gurus applying make up on YouTube and am forever amazed at how they can all apply eye liner above their eye lashes without holding their eye lid.. I am forever shaking and would make so much mess if I don't hold on.
Alot of the course I felt I knew, such as in what order to apply everything and lots of tips and tricks to help with application. One thing I was happy to find out is about Bourjois foundations. I am big lover of Chanel Vitulemiere but not so much of the price tag, so I was EXTREMELY happy to hear that Bourjois and Chanel are created at the same factory therefore leading to the processes and products to be very similar. It is now my goal to start trying some Bourjois foundations so I can find my new go to!!

For the course I paid £34.99 through Wowcher and the original RRP is apparently £150. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the complimentary brushes we received but I do not think it would of been worth £150. I do recommend these courses especially as something to do with your girl friends as we had a lot of fun, but I do suggest that you keep a look out on deal websites such as Wowcher and Groupon so you can get the best deal for your money :)

Have you had a good/bad experience with any of the deal websites? Also have you been on a make up course? I would love to hear about it as I am considering taking a more advanced course.

Much loves, El x

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Thunder Rumbling, Castle Crumbling... I Am Trying To Hold On

This week, scrap that, this year has been a very difficult one in terms of family and loss and I do find music helps me through bad times. Even though the songs have been written by people who you have never met before and have no idea of the problems you are facing, there are some songs that relate to you and you feel 'That was written for me'!

Heres to a better second half of the year... x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wishful Wednesday #1

Yellow Bonjour Mat  |  Pale Pink Dipped Hem Skirt
Wood iPhone Case  |  Alpha Liquid Gold  |  Glass Art Deco Jars
I have had my eye on the Urban Outfitters Moustache Mat for some time now, slightly hesitant to 'add to shopping basket' until I have a house to call my own, but now its in the sale I could be persuaded.

Dipped hem skirts and dresses are super popular at the moment, I saw so many out and about when the sun popped out a few weeks ago. This pale pink number seems the perfect example as it could be dressed up and down, parfait I tell thee.

If I had it my way my phone would have a 'wardrobe' full of cases that I could swap daily as I have come across sooooo many pretty ones. I have kept to my existing case for over a month now, time for a change?

The Alpha Liquid Gold has been on my wish list for awhile now but till I find it slightly cheaper I will not be giving in. Boo you expensive price tag, my face needs this!

These beautiful Art Deco Jars look perfect for keeping jewellery, make up and other bit and bobs around the house. So elegant and feminine, I love!

What items are on your wish list? Prey do tell :)

Monday, 18 June 2012

'I will save you.. every time you need a rescue'


May Not Be Able To Fly..
But I'll Take You On Adventures
May Not Move At The Speed Of Light...
But If You Need Me I'll Be There


Thursday, 31 May 2012

Montagne Jeunnesse Skin Heroes

The Montagne Jeunnesse face masks have been something I used to constantly walk past when doing my weekly food shop in the beauty aisle of Asda and I admit I never really gave them a chance. I think because there was so many options I never looked at them properly even though I had heard good things. I have since been asked if I would like to review their new skin heroes range and straight away I replied 'YES PLEASE!' Finally I have given them a go, and I am so glad I have. These are the masks that make their new range of face masks 'Skin Heroes' -

- Shine Control (For Greasy Skin That Likes To Shine)
This is a deep cleansing mud mask containing Argan Oil to help balance oily areas and Acai berries, a powerful anti-oxidant that helps protect. After using the face mask you then use a balancing moisturiser to help control shine.

- Dry Skin Mask (Holds In Moisture to Banish Dry Areas)
This Ultra Moisturising mask is a creamy souffle containing Rasperries, Blueberries and red grapes which are high in anti-oxidants that protect and replenish your skin. Followed with a Rehydrating Skin Serum containing Kiosmetine which is clinically proven to make skin smoother.

- Break Out Mask (For Problem Skin, Prone To Eruptions)
The cleansing mud mask uses Tea Tree and soothing Canadian Willowherb to flush out blocked pored, using the natural powers of Witch Hazel calm your skin. Once finished with the mud mask, there is a Rapid Action Moisturiser which is super moisturising.

- T-Zone Peel Off (Helps Calm and Soothe Bothersome Bits)
This purifying peel off grabs dirt and helos clear impurities, followed by a Rapid Action Moisturiser which helps ease the bothersome bits and helps calm down skin.

- De-Clog Pores (Deep Cleansing Nose Strips)
These ultra-deep cleansing nose pore strips contain natural Citrus to draw out deep-rooted impurities for cleaner, less visible pores on and around the nose.
I am so so impressed with these face masks, I have used others before and have found myself scraping 'mud' from one cheek to try cover the other whereas these masks are extremely generous, I even found that I had some left over. After using the masks my skin felt so smooth and ungreasy which was all helped along by the second pouch of moisturiser/serum that comes with each mask to use afterwards. The mask consistencies are quite thick so unless you are extremely heavy handed the application will be an unmessy affair, and they smell so fresh and natural you won't mind keeping them on for a good 15 minutes (even the nose strips smell nice).

Skin Heroes are now available at ASDA (RRP £1.49) along with Montagne Jeunnesse's other face masks and there is so much choice, you will most definitely find at least one that is suitable for whatever skin type you are. All products are suitable for vegetarians and Montagne Jeunnesse always look to use natural ingredients, so in my books it ticks all the boxes.

I have just had a peruse of Montagne Jeunnesse's other masks, I am really intrigued by the self heating mask, I love those type of products....   I am off to Asda!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

'I'm so excited I could wee its the Queen's Jubilee!'

( ^^ Yeah, I went there)

As you all must know this weekend in the UK it is the Queens Jubilee! To some this may just be exciting due to the impending 4 day weekend which will be spent away on holiday or in a pub getting merry, but to others (myself included) it brings on a chance to be patriotic and celebrate the Queen and all things British. On the lead up to the celebrations the shops have been going ceraaaaazzzyyy with their Jubilee memorillia and I LOVE  IT ALL!! (If only I had a room to fill with all things red, blue and white, to sit and drink tea, eat scones and decorate with beautiful bunting...).

I love how patriotic the country can be and love me some tacky souvenirs so here is a selection of my fave finds.

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8

Tatty Devine Necklace
Always a big hit with their creative bling, Tatty Devine's bunting necklace is so feminie and pretty, quite timid compared to their other more 'garish' designs, but its a big hit with me.

Emma Bridgewater Jubilee Mug
I wanted to get something as a keepsake and found most of the Jubilee mugs are quite naff and look cheap where as this mug I think is super cute.  It is now mine :)

Solar Powered Waving Queen
Spotted in a lighting shop in Soho, they are quite tacky but oh so quirky .. I.NEED.ONE.. I wander if the Queen would approve?

I am a massive fan of bunting and have been looking for a reason to put it up around the house for months and finally, a fitting occasion! Bunting is available in many shops and it is also extrememly easy to make yourself, an extremely cheap and easy way to decorate and get in a celebratory mood.

Oyster Card
These special addition cards have been available to commemorate this special occassion since mid May, I feel they could of come up with a better design but thats only due to me being a picky designer, I would still snap one up as a keepsake.

God Save The Queen
This scarf is beautiful but a touch on the expensive side for me, I love the watercolour effect and the colours are perfect for the spring.

Super tempted to get this for my mum, we are both big lovers of marmite and I think this would be a cute little gift.

Tea Towel
Oh how this tea towel made me chuckle when I spotted it in this weeks Stylist,  I am a big fan of rhyming and play on words so this is right up my street. Anyone so excited they could wee because its Queenies jubilee?

Are you planning on decorating for the Jubilee... bought any Jubilee inspired items? Please do share.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Hed Kandi for Models Own

Being the avid nail polish collector when I saw the new Hed Kandi for Models Own Collection I immediately knew, these had to be mine. There is something about the Models Own bottles that I just love, the packaging alone to me makes the polishes worth the money. The lid being the same shape as the bottle makes them so easy to organise and they look really cute. When I picked my choices up from Boots there was a 3 for 2 discount on throughout the store so I went for 3 and these were the colours I chose..

Ibiza Mix, Balearic Cool, Beach Party
Balearic Cool
Beach Party
Ibiza Mix

This collection is designed for holidays in the sun with Ibiza in mind and to me these have hit the nail on the head. Off to Ibiza, Zante or Malia this year.. this is the collection for you! Available in 6 shades the polishes are available at £5 each or the set of 6 for £20, which is a great price for a nail polish! 

The only downfall I have come across is that it takes a couple of coats to make these shades opaque which I know is common with a lot of varnishes out there, and like any other glitter polish, Ibiza Mix is a bugger to remove but this no longer bothers me as I have grown to love it.. its one of my go to polishes.

All in all I am a big fan and am really looking forward to going on holiday and getting a great tan to compliment these shades.

Have you tried any of this collection? Will you be taking any of them on holiday with you this year?

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Eggcellent.. !!

For many a week I kept an eye out for the eggs dotted around London for 'The Faberge Big Egg Hunt', but to my dismay, no eggs for me... until Tuesday night! It was a cold, dark evening, on Carnaby Street in London town, when two slightly intoxicated ladies stumbled on said egg..

Clearly over the moon to find this egg designed by Benjamin Shine

I can't believe there are 200 eggs of this size dotted around London, and I have come across one!! I must be walking around with my eyes closed.

The hunt was 'hatched' by Elephant Family and Action for Children, who wish to create this record breaking egg hunt across Central London to raise money for both causes. You can visit the website where you will find zone maps, which will help you find the 200 eggs created by leading artists, designers, architects and jewellers.

Some of the 200 eggs..

I think this egg hunt is a great idea, it has been going on for quite a few weeks and will be around till Easter. Also, if you fancy having one of these two and a half foot fibreglass sculptures in your crib, you can bid for them! The egg we came across, is currently at £10,600!!

And there is more..  If spotting these eggs around the city isn't enough, you can text in with a keyword found at each egg, to then be in for the chance to win the golden egg! The more you text, the more entries you get. Egggcellent I say :)

El x

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24 Hr Cream Gel Shadows

I first noticed the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24 Hr Cream Gel Shadows (what a mouthful) when watching a vlog from LA on Fleur De Force's YouTube channel. I was intrigued by the name and have kept my eye out for these being released ever since. It was then on Twitter on Friday that I noticed they were now in shops in the UK, so made a bee line for Superdrug on my way home.

The Superdrug I visited had four colours to chose from, with which I chose 3, due to the 3 for 2 offer on Maybelline products.

I picked Eternal Gold (05), Endless Purple (15) and Permanent Taupe (40), and am regretting leaving the bright sparkly blue behind. I swatched them all when in the shop, and they stil hadn't budged two hours later!!

I am a very forgetful person and have found myself many a time rubbing my eyes, completely forgetting I have done my eye makeup, until I realise the make up all over my hands and down my face. I think these may be my saviour!

The gel shadows have a super-saturated colour and the vibrant colour really DOES NOT fade ( I am still vigorously rubbing my hand).

Really looking forward to testing these on a night out, to see if they crease and how long they last, unsure whether I will ever be able to test if they last 24 hours but we shall see. Also looking forward to seeing what other colours come out.

El x