Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Eggcellent.. !!

For many a week I kept an eye out for the eggs dotted around London for 'The Faberge Big Egg Hunt', but to my dismay, no eggs for me... until Tuesday night! It was a cold, dark evening, on Carnaby Street in London town, when two slightly intoxicated ladies stumbled on said egg..

Clearly over the moon to find this egg designed by Benjamin Shine

I can't believe there are 200 eggs of this size dotted around London, and I have come across one!! I must be walking around with my eyes closed.

The hunt was 'hatched' by Elephant Family and Action for Children, who wish to create this record breaking egg hunt across Central London to raise money for both causes. You can visit the website where you will find zone maps, which will help you find the 200 eggs created by leading artists, designers, architects and jewellers.

Some of the 200 eggs..

I think this egg hunt is a great idea, it has been going on for quite a few weeks and will be around till Easter. Also, if you fancy having one of these two and a half foot fibreglass sculptures in your crib, you can bid for them! The egg we came across, is currently at £10,600!!

And there is more..  If spotting these eggs around the city isn't enough, you can text in with a keyword found at each egg, to then be in for the chance to win the golden egg! The more you text, the more entries you get. Egggcellent I say :)

El x

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24 Hr Cream Gel Shadows

I first noticed the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24 Hr Cream Gel Shadows (what a mouthful) when watching a vlog from LA on Fleur De Force's YouTube channel. I was intrigued by the name and have kept my eye out for these being released ever since. It was then on Twitter on Friday that I noticed they were now in shops in the UK, so made a bee line for Superdrug on my way home.

The Superdrug I visited had four colours to chose from, with which I chose 3, due to the 3 for 2 offer on Maybelline products.

I picked Eternal Gold (05), Endless Purple (15) and Permanent Taupe (40), and am regretting leaving the bright sparkly blue behind. I swatched them all when in the shop, and they stil hadn't budged two hours later!!

I am a very forgetful person and have found myself many a time rubbing my eyes, completely forgetting I have done my eye makeup, until I realise the make up all over my hands and down my face. I think these may be my saviour!

The gel shadows have a super-saturated colour and the vibrant colour really DOES NOT fade ( I am still vigorously rubbing my hand).

Really looking forward to testing these on a night out, to see if they crease and how long they last, unsure whether I will ever be able to test if they last 24 hours but we shall see. Also looking forward to seeing what other colours come out.

El x