Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wishful Wednesday #1

Yellow Bonjour Mat  |  Pale Pink Dipped Hem Skirt
Wood iPhone Case  |  Alpha Liquid Gold  |  Glass Art Deco Jars
I have had my eye on the Urban Outfitters Moustache Mat for some time now, slightly hesitant to 'add to shopping basket' until I have a house to call my own, but now its in the sale I could be persuaded.

Dipped hem skirts and dresses are super popular at the moment, I saw so many out and about when the sun popped out a few weeks ago. This pale pink number seems the perfect example as it could be dressed up and down, parfait I tell thee.

If I had it my way my phone would have a 'wardrobe' full of cases that I could swap daily as I have come across sooooo many pretty ones. I have kept to my existing case for over a month now, time for a change?

The Alpha Liquid Gold has been on my wish list for awhile now but till I find it slightly cheaper I will not be giving in. Boo you expensive price tag, my face needs this!

These beautiful Art Deco Jars look perfect for keeping jewellery, make up and other bit and bobs around the house. So elegant and feminine, I love!

What items are on your wish list? Prey do tell :)

Monday, 18 June 2012

'I will save you.. every time you need a rescue'


May Not Be Able To Fly..
But I'll Take You On Adventures
May Not Move At The Speed Of Light...
But If You Need Me I'll Be There