Monday, 11 April 2011

P P P Pick Me Up

I don't know why there was need for the p p p, I just thought I could throw it in there...

After reading other blogs for quite a while I have come across posts on what make people happy, what cheer people up and what make them smile. I have decided to create a list of things to cheer me up on the rubbish days... not 100 things, but an ongoing list for whenever I feel a bit down in the dumps.

I thought this was the perfect time as I have been having a bit of a rubbish month and I need a bit of a pick me up.. so lets have a go ..

001). Old photos

002).  Chilling in PJ's

003). Receiving post

004). Making plans

005). Seeing family

(Some photos from

Hope you have all had a lovely evening and are enjoying the gorgeous weather...

Much loves

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Thursday, 7 April 2011


Haven't been on here for quite awhile, have a lot going on that has left me with no energy ..emotionally and physically, but power through I will. My mum has been going through a hard time recently, her mum (my nana) has been very ill so have been staying with her for awhile. This made Mothers day on Sunday quite a difficult time. We went out for lunch but were all very emotional so as a little brightener I made my mum some little cupcakes..I know they are only cupcakes, but any way to brighten up her day...

There are much prettier cupcakes out there, but believe it or not, this was my first time making cakes. I have never been that keen on cooking as I'm a bit of a disaster in the kitchen. But, I have decided to start learning. I have lived away from home for 5 years, I can cook, but nothing brilliant. Anyone know of any good cook books/recipes out there!?

Moving on to happier times..

I returned to my flat last night after some time away to find a lovely package waiting for me. As I mentioned in the post before this, I won Dee's 12+ giveaway :) You can find her on Twitter and also check out her blog. It came with a lovely little note, Im a big lover of notes, little personal touches.. Doesn't take a lot of effort, but the thought goes a long way in my eyes..

Girlz only  'Party Nights' Dry Shampoo
Creightons 'Perfect Red' Extra Moisturising Shampoo
Essence 'Glossy Lipgloss' in Berry Sorbet
Essence Black and White Nail Fashion Stickers
Catrice Mineral Soft Powder Rouge in 130 Light Burgundy
Essence Colour and Go in 27 No More Drama
Essence Colour and Go in 26 Break Through
So far I have yet to try anything but the dry shampoo, which has come at a perfect time.. I have been all over the place in the past week so it has come in handy :) I look forward to trying everything else as soon as I have time, especially the lipgloss which smells good enough to eat.

Thank you again Dee :)

Also thinking of doing a small giveaway when I hit 25 followers, have seen some great ones on other peoples blogs and would really like to give something back.

Much love
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