Monday, 8 August 2011

You Jammy Dodger!

What an awesome start to the week I have just had, ooo I can't stop grinning.

On Friday (July 29th) I stumbled across a competition on Clippy's facebook page. Clippy are a company I am sure you have all heard about. Mainly known for their DIY bags, Clippy sell bags, washbags, folders and brollies you can customise yourself. The items have pockets in which you can slip in a photo of you and your friends, add trinkets, ribbons, and they even sell packs on the site to help get you started. I have always admired all of the products on their site so when I saw the competition, I had to enter!

The competition was to celebrate the release of their new Lunch bags and to enter you had to write a comment on where you would take your new lunchbag. After commenting, I carried on delving through their website getting myself more excited about the prospect of maybe owning a Clippy item but in the back of my mind telling myself, 'you dont win anything don't get to excited'.

A few hours later my phone went off with a Facebook notification, I HAD WON.

I have been excited all week waiting for the postman to appear with my parcel, and today was the day. As soon as I saw the parcel waiting for me I ripped it open, squealing with excitement. I am not one of those who can wait, that parcel is getting opened where ever I am!

These lunch bags come in three different designs The Sophie, The Rose and The Emily, which I received.

The Emily comes in a bright pink mock croc print with gold detailing. Perfect size for a 'lunch bag', will definitely be able to fit in your sarnies, a cool can/bottle of your fave pop and any other treats you desire. I especially love the Jammy Dodger key ring attached to the pink tassle, so cute.

The Clippy Lunch Bags retail at £24.50 and can be found on their website. They claim to keep your lunch cool for up to 8 hours, are 'wipe clean' and can also hold freezer ice packs. Impressive stuff. I am most definitely looking forward to using the bag, lets hope the weather keeps warm :)

If you haven't checked out Clippy yet, I think you should. I noticed on their Facebook page that in September they will be selling phone cases, WANT, I will definitely be getting me one of those bad boys :)

Ta da for now,

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xXxStundonxXx said...

That bag is amazing! I need one in my life!! You lucky sod! xx