Thursday, 31 May 2012

Montagne Jeunnesse Skin Heroes

The Montagne Jeunnesse face masks have been something I used to constantly walk past when doing my weekly food shop in the beauty aisle of Asda and I admit I never really gave them a chance. I think because there was so many options I never looked at them properly even though I had heard good things. I have since been asked if I would like to review their new skin heroes range and straight away I replied 'YES PLEASE!' Finally I have given them a go, and I am so glad I have. These are the masks that make their new range of face masks 'Skin Heroes' -

- Shine Control (For Greasy Skin That Likes To Shine)
This is a deep cleansing mud mask containing Argan Oil to help balance oily areas and Acai berries, a powerful anti-oxidant that helps protect. After using the face mask you then use a balancing moisturiser to help control shine.

- Dry Skin Mask (Holds In Moisture to Banish Dry Areas)
This Ultra Moisturising mask is a creamy souffle containing Rasperries, Blueberries and red grapes which are high in anti-oxidants that protect and replenish your skin. Followed with a Rehydrating Skin Serum containing Kiosmetine which is clinically proven to make skin smoother.

- Break Out Mask (For Problem Skin, Prone To Eruptions)
The cleansing mud mask uses Tea Tree and soothing Canadian Willowherb to flush out blocked pored, using the natural powers of Witch Hazel calm your skin. Once finished with the mud mask, there is a Rapid Action Moisturiser which is super moisturising.

- T-Zone Peel Off (Helps Calm and Soothe Bothersome Bits)
This purifying peel off grabs dirt and helos clear impurities, followed by a Rapid Action Moisturiser which helps ease the bothersome bits and helps calm down skin.

- De-Clog Pores (Deep Cleansing Nose Strips)
These ultra-deep cleansing nose pore strips contain natural Citrus to draw out deep-rooted impurities for cleaner, less visible pores on and around the nose.
I am so so impressed with these face masks, I have used others before and have found myself scraping 'mud' from one cheek to try cover the other whereas these masks are extremely generous, I even found that I had some left over. After using the masks my skin felt so smooth and ungreasy which was all helped along by the second pouch of moisturiser/serum that comes with each mask to use afterwards. The mask consistencies are quite thick so unless you are extremely heavy handed the application will be an unmessy affair, and they smell so fresh and natural you won't mind keeping them on for a good 15 minutes (even the nose strips smell nice).

Skin Heroes are now available at ASDA (RRP £1.49) along with Montagne Jeunnesse's other face masks and there is so much choice, you will most definitely find at least one that is suitable for whatever skin type you are. All products are suitable for vegetarians and Montagne Jeunnesse always look to use natural ingredients, so in my books it ticks all the boxes.

I have just had a peruse of Montagne Jeunnesse's other masks, I am really intrigued by the self heating mask, I love those type of products....   I am off to Asda!

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