Saturday, 26 May 2012

'I'm so excited I could wee its the Queen's Jubilee!'

( ^^ Yeah, I went there)

As you all must know this weekend in the UK it is the Queens Jubilee! To some this may just be exciting due to the impending 4 day weekend which will be spent away on holiday or in a pub getting merry, but to others (myself included) it brings on a chance to be patriotic and celebrate the Queen and all things British. On the lead up to the celebrations the shops have been going ceraaaaazzzyyy with their Jubilee memorillia and I LOVE  IT ALL!! (If only I had a room to fill with all things red, blue and white, to sit and drink tea, eat scones and decorate with beautiful bunting...).

I love how patriotic the country can be and love me some tacky souvenirs so here is a selection of my fave finds.

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Tatty Devine Necklace
Always a big hit with their creative bling, Tatty Devine's bunting necklace is so feminie and pretty, quite timid compared to their other more 'garish' designs, but its a big hit with me.

Emma Bridgewater Jubilee Mug
I wanted to get something as a keepsake and found most of the Jubilee mugs are quite naff and look cheap where as this mug I think is super cute.  It is now mine :)

Solar Powered Waving Queen
Spotted in a lighting shop in Soho, they are quite tacky but oh so quirky .. I.NEED.ONE.. I wander if the Queen would approve?

I am a massive fan of bunting and have been looking for a reason to put it up around the house for months and finally, a fitting occasion! Bunting is available in many shops and it is also extrememly easy to make yourself, an extremely cheap and easy way to decorate and get in a celebratory mood.

Oyster Card
These special addition cards have been available to commemorate this special occassion since mid May, I feel they could of come up with a better design but thats only due to me being a picky designer, I would still snap one up as a keepsake.

God Save The Queen
This scarf is beautiful but a touch on the expensive side for me, I love the watercolour effect and the colours are perfect for the spring.

Super tempted to get this for my mum, we are both big lovers of marmite and I think this would be a cute little gift.

Tea Towel
Oh how this tea towel made me chuckle when I spotted it in this weeks Stylist,  I am a big fan of rhyming and play on words so this is right up my street. Anyone so excited they could wee because its Queenies jubilee?

Are you planning on decorating for the Jubilee... bought any Jubilee inspired items? Please do share.

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