Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bang tidy!!

Thought I would check in quickly whilst watching Celebrity Juice, still got to pack for the weekend before bed so multi-tasking it is :)

Have had such a boring week so far, so I am very VERY excited for the weekend. Going back to Oxfordshire to see the family and the girls, a fun weekend is much needed. I have been looking at beautiful posts on nail art and its really making me want to attempt to go a bit further than a lick of paint.  Sooooo I have ordered 2 of the nail art pens from Models Own, I am very excited to have a play. Hurry up Mr Postman. You also get a free eye liner with a purchase over £5, so free eye liner...bonus :) Any tips on using the nail art pens would be much appreciated as Im a complete novice :)

I got my phone upgrade last week FINALLY, I have been waiting for about a year. Got me an iphone 4 and I loves it. The only problem is that I cant put it down so the battery is drained pretty much every day :S I am sure I will get better :) Hopefully.
Right packing time..

Much loves


Erika Lee Sears said...

I love my iphone 4 the pictures are amazing :) my husband makes iphone apps.. so we are iphone junkies.

Have a fun girls weekend!

El said...

Thank you hun :) I love my iPhone to..its stuck to my hand practically x x