Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Brits 2011

I have never ever watched the Brits before, much to some of my friends amusement, and last night I found myself asking WHY?? I loveeeeddd it. Adeles performance was absolutely beautiful, my love for her has been growing more and moreeee ever since her Live Lounge a few weeks back. If you haven't heard her cover of Cheryl Cole - Promise This..definitely check it out!!! Shes frickin awesome. Her singing voice just makes me melt and then when she speaks, she is so down to earth.. Big love for Adele.

Rihannas performance was also awesome, asked to tone down her lyrics due to the uproar from the line 'sex in the air..' What she toned down in lyrics, she definitely made up in her outfits. She looked gorgeous as always.

Very jealous of all these lucky ladies getting to wear such gorgeous outfits so often.

Tres jealous of the dresses...


lydia-lee said...

rihannas performance was hot, but nothing compared to adeles oustanding voice!

nice blog honey, check mine if you want, we might have a bit in common!
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Erika Lee Sears said...

I love Adele- I think there is just something honest about her. :)

El said...

Thank you :)

Yeah, I can't get enough of her albums x x