Monday, 11 July 2011

A day in the life..

(Apologies in advance for the picture heavy post, I got snap happy)

This post is a day late, but due to being in London till late last night I was in no fit state to be uploading photos and attempting to write about my day (I didn't even have the energy to drive home, had to stay at a friends I was that worn out). But, what an awesome day I had.

06 - A day in the life, photographs taken throughout the day

Yesterday, we went to London to meet up with my old flat mate/uni pal Leila and her boyfriend Chris. The journey was slightly interesting, with Jody going the wrong way up the motorway and then coming off at the wrong junction, consequences of letting a man drive :p

When we finally got there we visited the Saatchi Gallery which was, interesting. The building the gallery in is beautiful and in such a lovely area, very posh. Looking at some of the work inside we wandered how some of the stuff can be called art, but nevertheless, we enjoyed looking round. I did love one room. It was completely filled with sump oil so smelt horrible, but was perfectly still therefore giving perfect reflections.

For lunch, we went to a 'Slug and Lettuce', cheap and cheerful, which ended up being free due to their card machine breaking, brucey bonus.

We then went in search of the Ice Bar which is near to the Piccadilly tube stop. Laden up with cloaks and gloves we went in to the bar for cocktails in glasses made of ice. It was awesome, slightly pricey but definitely worth visiting. I did make the mistake of wearing flip flops, so by the end of our 40 minute time slot I could not feel my feet, luckily leaving the Ice bar did make London feel like it was having a heat wave, tootsies warmed up sharpish.

The rest of our day in London was spent walking round just enjoying the weather. Other places visited included Covent Gardens, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street, Westminster, The M&M shop and we also strolled past the London Eye and Aquarium.

I feel tired just writing about the day. Hope you had an awesome weekend :)

Much loves

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