Friday, 29 July 2011

I do

Well hello there, hope you are all well and dandy and looking forward to the weekend :) I sure am!! Have been away to Cornwall and then Devon and then home and now staying at a friends so have been doing quite a bit of shuffaling in the past two weeks, so this weekend is very welcome.

This post is going to be Day 09 of the 30 day challenge - Your dream wedding.

I wasn't really that sure on this post as I am not sure on my dream wedding. When you watch romantic films containing marriage, someone always speaks about the bride having planned her wedding since she was a little girl. I don't think I was one of those girls. Its not that I didn't want to ever get married, I did and still do, I just never considered what it would look like.

So, to help me I have resorted to Pinterest where I started up a 'Wedding' pinboard to help me start thinking about it in preparation. Here are some images I have found and love.

This first image is of a possible proposal. I know you can't choose how you are proposed to, I just hope its a suprise and a bit quirky :)

Being a Graphic designer, one of the things I am definitely looking forward to is the save the date and invitation design. How sad am I!! I have found quite a few Save the date ideas, the above being one of them. I love the personal touch.

How amazing is this idea?! Having your fingerprint on the inside of each others wedding ring. Such a lovely subtle idea.

One thing I always thought I was sure of was that I wanted a bandeau/strapless wedding dress but these two dresses have definitely swayed me. They are so beautiful and elegant, I could be elegant for a day.. well, try :)

I want this hair, this dress and to look this beautiful on my wedding day, that is all.

I want an outside wedding, in a garden or perhaps a beach. But obviously this may prove difficult due to the British weather being rubbish! 

So, as you can see I have not thought about this at all!! I have surprised myself at how much I have decided upon without realising. I can see that it is going to stress me out when it comes down to it, so many decisions, but I am DEFINITELY looking forward to it. Also having a wedding planner for a best friend may come in use :)

Will be back asap with a post on my holiday (photo heavy I am afraid)

Much loves

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KellyCake said...

awwww i love all of those ideas!!

you know where to come for your cake xxx

El said...

I do indeed :) Yours look amazing!! Very talented my lovely :) xx