Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday Madness

Hey hey :)

Have just realised its been a week since I last posted, time flies!!

Had a pretty hectic week. My flat mate and I have been asked to move out of our flat as the landlord now wants to rent to just students so we have a month to get out :-/ We have wanted to move down South for quite a while so this was the kick up the bum that we needed.... Even so, its stills a bit daunting. I have handed my notice in at work, the first step to the big move and it wasn't the easiest thing I have ever done. I kept putting it off as, even though I don't like to admit it, I care what people think and don't like upsetting/annoying people. Once it was done though, it felt like a HUGE weight off my mind.

Now I can start flat/job hunting and making all these ideas I have in my head a reality :) I will also be closer to family and friends back in Oxfordshire so can see everyone much more.

Moving also equals packing...again!! I have been living in Nottingham for 5 years, including my three years at uni, and have lived in 6 different houses/flats. That's a lot of packing and unpacking. I can't wait to live somewhere for longer than 10 months... will be a new record.

Have had a pretty laid back weekend. Night in on Friday with a curry and Comic Relief :) and then it was a bit of shopping and chilling for the rest of the weekend. Went out for a few drinks on Saturday night and watched the film Hall Pass, which I am still not to sure on. Owen Wilson as a dad!?! I am used to seeing him playing a 'lad'. Must be a sad day when an actor realises he is past playing that sort of character and has to grow up.

I will be doing a bit of freelance work whilst sorting London out so need to sort my website out, its currently looking very sad and drab. Will also be getting new business cards etc, lots to keep me occupied.

Check out the site Pinterest, I have found it very inspiring. You can pin images you find anywhere on the internet and it will keep them in collections for you. Perfect for inspiration. You are also able to follow other people to see what they have found, and maybe even 'Repin'. When I first joined it was invite only, if it still is, let me know and I will send an invite :) My Pin Boards

Happy Monday

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FromGemWithLove said...

Ah I love pinterest, I have followed you :) Xxxx

El said...

Its so addictive, I could browse all day.. Following you also :) x x