Friday, 25 March 2011

Finally Friday

This has been such a longggggg week and I am so happy its late afternoon on a Friday, my favourite time of the week.

Just had a message through that I won a giveaway, this never happens, so this has brightened up my day. Very excited to get the goodies from the giveaway, check out Dee's blog. Lovely little blog :) and she has another give away coming up soon so go follow.

I had 3 parcels arrive this morning, all sat by my door when I got back from work...I love getting post. I think people should go back to writing to each other, seems much more thoughtful and precious coming through the post rather than email..anyway.. The first was my order from Elf that I ordered yesterday afternoon, now thats quick delivery!! (Sorry about the rubbish image quality, have managed to pack my camera wire so they are off my phone)

The second was some shoes :) I persuaded myself into buying these. See, I dont have any smart black shoes so needed some new ones....honest :D My other three pairs just wont do obviously. They are so pretty, I am now thinking of when I can go out next so I can wear them.

The third was my order from ASOS, I used one of my £9 for £20 vouchers and got some St Tropez Mousse and Models Own nail pen and polish. Still have another voucher to use but undecided on what to use it on, any suggestions!?
Thought I would share a project with you that I have come across. Its a project by Stina Jones (check her out on Twitter) who created a new doodle every day for a year. This was done to raise funds for the charity Shelter, through art sales and donations. I love ALL of the doodles, and will be getting some off her website by the end of the weekend.
Doodle 096

Check out the website where you can buy them from, they are only £1.50 and it goes straight to charity so definitely take a look for some lovely wall art :) They'd also make cute little gifts . You can catch her blog here, what an amazing project.
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JustLikeJasper♥ said...

Ah I haven't tried anything from ELF yet.
Those shoes are adorable!
Cute blog

El said...

You should definitely give ELF a try, excellent quality for the price.

Thank you :) x x