Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Chilly Tuesday

Was in such a good mood all of yesterday as the sun was out, even went as far as not needing a coat!! For me thats pretty incredible as I tend to always be cold. Today has taken a turn for the worse :(

Since buying a car I have been driving to work, which is incredibly lazy due to it only taking 5/10 minutes.. My argument, it was dark over the winter when I finished and I have to walk through a bit of a creepy area. I vowed that from today I would start walking again as it is still light at half 5, this hasn't happened. Woke up early to allow time to walk, looked out of the window and I could barely see the house opposite for the fog... Into the car I got.

I work in quite an old building, so when the sun isn't out, its freezzzzingggg as the big stone walls don't seem to like warmth :(

Had a pretty bland but chilled weekend. Got quite a lot of spare time so was able to make a bit of a dent in the book clubs new book Sister by Rosamund Lupton. I was a late comer in Gems book club so missed the first book, but very glad that I was able to join in time for the second. I can't put it down. The chapters are quite long and I like to read a chapter at a time, so when I have read one chapter I am really into it and want to go for another.

Went back to visit my family this weekend and to help my dad set up his new office. He has recently got a job as the European director for a Japanese company, so good times. Two of his bosses flew into England yesterday for a few days to see how he is getting on etc. Hearing about the devastation Japan are experiencing first hand is so upsetting and makes it really hit home. Looking through images of the destruction they have encountered, they are so strong to keep their heads up, they have all been through an incredible ordeal, but are so gracious and strong about it, definitely inspiring. My heart go out to everyone in Japan and hope the nuclear leaks are sorted very soon.

Lots of love

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maggeygrace said...

My friendboy makes fun of me alllll the time for being so cold all the time. haha! So I feel you. I definitely drive almost always especially when it's slightly cold. It's terrible!

El said...

I am glad its not just me thats cold all the time :) x